Drain Cleaning

A. Plumbing Pro, Inc. provides commercial and residential drain cleaning service in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Bonita Springs, and Naples. If you have a clogged drain or a slow drain give us a call.

Below are some common issues associated with clogged drains. As you can see most of them are preventable and you may be able to avoid the need for service by understanding these common problems. Beware using over the counter chemical drain cleaning agents. These can be useful on some small jobs but in many cases it may do more harm than good. The chemicals can erode certain types of plastic pipes. You should also avoid using these chemicals for toilet clogs as they can damage the porcelain.

Common Issues:

  • Roots in piping

  • Accumulation of hair in drains

  • Food - overloading garbage disposal or placing food in a sink without a garbage disposal

  • Pouring grease down the sink

  • Placing non-flushable wipes, paper towels and feminine products in the toilet

  • Bath salts - many of these do not dissolve completely and can accumulate in the drain

  • Broken pipes

  • Improperly installed pipes

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